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Livery at Gemsbrook -  livery options tailored to your individual needs to enable you to successfully achieve your aims.

With experienced qualified staff and onsite supervision 24/7, owners can have peace of mind that their horses are in safe hands.

All horses are treated as our own and get the upmost attention and care.   Training with Paula Sherwood - BD and BHS accredited trainer with full insurance.

Livery prices from £135 - £285 please contact us for an individual price.  Tel 01403 823966


Current livery options are:- 

Training livery which includes:-

·         Schooling sessions for the horse

·         Lessons for horse and rider as required

·         Daily turnout of the horse if required

·         Grooming and care of the horse

·         Administering of any veterinary care as required

·         Shavings and rubber matting bedding

·         Ad lib hay or haylage

·         Individual feeding regimes, in accordance with the horse's daily work.

·         Priced from £200

Siro trot horse only

Schooling Livery

·         Short or long term concentrating on the horse to aid the progression in training and/or sort out problems;

·         Young horses taken for basic training 3 years onwards.

Backing Livery

·         Horses taken for backing, classical approach with attention to detail, establishment of groundwork before backing

·         All sizes from 14hh, lightweight rider

·         Horses established under saddle and trained on according to owners requirements


Paula Teaching

Full Livery

·         Designed to cover all your horses’ needs with the full use of our facilities and the benefit of training when required.

Competition Livery

·         Full livery including training preparation and competing;  For horses novice to advance, price according to training  required, discount for advanced horses.

Part Training Livery

·         Covers basic care of your horse

·         Includes haylage, hard feed and bedding

·         Packages to include training sessions

·         Priced from £165


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